About two weeks back my brother rescued a little kitten from a busy Sharjah road. He could see cars passing over ‘something’. As he approached it, he soon realized that it was a small kitten!! Luckily the traffic was very slow giving my brother a chance to quickly pop it in his car and bring it home to mom. After initial fears the kitten that my SIL named ‘Boodi’ started adjusting to his new environment. Over the two weeks we saw him grow, play, jump around and come to us for his cuddles and hugs. We learnt how to make him more comfortable, from lovely cat owners . During this time I was also praying and looking for a nice home where he would be taken good care of. Alhamdolillah we did get a cat fosterer.


I wasn’t at home when he was driven away to his new destination. But when I did come to know I felt this strong pinch in my heart. How will my kitty live in a new place? With new faces including those of cats? Will he miss us, our home, which had become his territory? Will he cry? We did our best to love him, pet him and hug him. I wanted a good place for him and made Dua every time to Allah to provide him with a new home where he will be taken good care of in every way. And now when it did happen, here I was sobbing over him!!!

Then suddenly Allah put this in my heart and I realized: Do I love him more than Allah loves him? If Allah can rescue him from a busy road when infact I witness lot of kittens and cats smashed under wheels. If Allah can put mercy in my brothers heart to save him. If Allah can suddenly put Boodi into the comfort of our home and lives, and tie it to our hearts. Can’t Allah protect and take care of him ahead too? Allah doesn’t need us for the well being of his creatures. He can do it himself in the best way. This was infact a test for US …… for ME from Allah and hope that we have succeeded in it and pleased Allah. And in sha Allah I look forward to be reunited with my kitty in Jannah for ever.

This whole incident has also put in my heart a new level of respect for pet owners who don’t treat Allah’s creatures as toys but wholeheartedly look after their welfare. They don’t abandon them when ever they want. Just because animals do not express the way we do, doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. Barbaric people who are cruel to animals should know that here they might be escaping but at the end there is no escape for them and a very horrific torture awaits them. And that day is not very far.

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