dipc 2014


Ma sha Allah!!!! Amazing. Awesome. Mind blowing. Such was the Inaugural Session of the Dubai International Peace Convention 2014. Not due to any extravagant display of fire crackers but because of honorable men of Deen coming together from around the world to Dubai, us learning from them and witnessing Shahadahs from people coming into the folds of Islam purely by choice. And even more humbling was to see throngs and throngs of people from all walks of life; men, women, young and old, families and children, eagerly packing up in massive Sheikh Saeed Halls 1, 2 & 3, of the Dubai World Trade Center Arena. It was an honor to have such esteemed guests in our midst because when, we in UAE look at them through social media, busy and active all over the world, we have this strong desire within to benefit from their presence and enlightening words. Is there something called Halal Envy? 🙂

The session started with the Recitation of the Verses from the Holy Quran in the Beautiful Voice of Mishary Rashid Al Afasy. Mufti Ismail Menk and Brother Yusuf Estes were the speakers of Day 1 both speaking and emphasizing on the importance of having peace within to have an impact outside and all around us. Screens were displayed all around the hall for the people sitting far away from the stage to view the live recording of the event. It was through these screens we got a glimpse of Dr. Tawfique Chowdary, Ustadh Nauman Ali Khan and Ustadh Abdul Bary Yahya.

As soon as the session ended people started leaving the hall and by the time we walked our way out, cars passed by, with the speakers in them, slowly moving, as they had to wind their way through the crowd of eager and excited attendees. People started taking their pictures and waving at them excitedly. As I too stood on a side to let the convoy of the Scholars and Teachers pass by I was thinking with pride and being happy at the respect and honor these men were getting. I was thinking that THESE are the people  who ACTUALLY DESERVE all this attention, the following and first class service due to the positive impact and character building they are doing for the Ummah and the people of the world. They do all this with the pure intention of pleasing Allah and only for the sake of Allah. They worked really hard when no one knew them and never did this for any worldly desire. They silently started to spread the peace loving religion of Islam. But today Alhamdulillah they are getting recognition and honor from all over the world.

We, as lay people who listen and follow them, should do so in limits and should not go beyond in excess, as they too are human beings like us. When we go to attend any lecture, course or workshop it should not be only to SEE them as a celebrity rather it should be purely for the sake of Allah and to benefit from them and learn ways to get closer to Allah.

May Allah Protect our Scholars and Teachers from even an atom of pride entering their hearts and may all our deeds and actions be only to gain the Pleasure of Allah Subhana o Ta’ala. Aameen. May Allah Bless the Organizers and Volunteers immensely, for putting up such an event. Aameen.

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