Title: Touched by a Butterfly

Author: Gulmakai Popal Saleh

Publisher: Independently Published

Category: Children’s Book

Pages: 24

Binding: Paper Back

          “Touched by a Butterfly”, a book for children, written and illustrated by Gulmakai Saleh, talks about the importance of good friends and positive environment.

          The story is about a flower and a butterfly. The flower bud starts its journey from a seed and develops into a beautiful flower. The caterpillar encourages the seed in all its developmental stages of growing its stem, leaves and buds. The soil, air, water and sunlight also provide a nourishing environment for the seed. A time comes when the caterpillar goes through its own transformation from a cocoon into a butterfly.

          This story shows us that children (& adults too) need good friends and mentors to guide them through the journey and challenges of life, in order to flourish into their best potential. It teaches us the value of good companionship and the influence it can have on us. Our surroundings and the type of friends we choose; good or bad, impact us greatly in every way. Good friends support us during our struggles, are happy for us in good times and help us realize our qualities. The book also teaches us to accept change as we go through life, with patience and persistence.

          The language and illustrations of the book are simple and minimal but with a very strong message of kindness, patience and acceptance. Through the book children can also learn to explore nature and learn about the different stages of plants and butterflies. 

The book can be purchased from Amazon.

The Author can be connected with via her Website, Facebook & Goodreads.

*An e-book version was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest review. Images provided by the author. *

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