Title: The Young Muslim’s Mindful Book of Wellbeing

Author: Zanib Mian

Publisher: Muslim Children’s Books

Published: 2018

Category: Children’s book, Mindfulness, Wellbeing

Pages: 73

Binding: Paper Back

          ‘The Young Muslim’s Mindful Book of Wellbeing’ by Zanib Mian is a book for children on how to deal with stressful and unexpected situations in life. The author has written many bestselling books for children prior to this but this is the first book of hers which I am reading. This is also the first book ever that I pre-ordered for myself way before its launch, because I loved the topic and knew it would be very beneficial. Alhamdulillah, I wasn’t wrong.

          In an adult’s world where everyone is focused on their own problems, very little attention is given to children’s feelings. For us their worries might be little but for young minds and tender souls they are huge especially when children cannot explain what they are going through. Very rarely do we teach our children how to deal with difficult situations in life. This book will equip children, at a young age, with the the importance of mindfulness and how to take care of their emotional wellbeing.

The content of the book is categorized into 14 topics:

  1. How to be Happy
  2. Negative Thoughts vs Positive Thoughts
  3. Allah Loves you
  4. How to Deal With Worry and Bad Expectations
  5. A Way Out of Every Problem
  6. The Bigger Picture
  7. Friends
  8. How to Feel OK If You Wanted Something, but Didn’t Get It
  9. Jealousy and Being Happy With What You Have
  10. Feeling Sad
  11. Talking to Allah
  12. Getting Closer to Allah Through Nature
  13. Being Around Negative People
  14. Shining from Inside

The author tackles these topics in a very simple, easy and fun manner.  

           Just like us, children too go through their share of stress, anxiety, and pressure. It robs them of confidence, self esteem and courage. This book provides clarity on how to look at their worries, and will empower them to understand and manage their feelings and emotions.

          Generally, we look at our problems through a magnifying lens, making it appear so big that it doubles our worry. This not only shifts our focus from the actual problem but also burdens us with dealing with the whole emotional aspect. The author advises that instead of being overwhelmed by our worries it is important to be aware of Allah and His Capabilities. Once we realize that Allah is the All-Powerful and in Control of everything, we are able to keep aside the negative emotions and focus only our problems.

          The size of the book is small, but each page has wisdom and action based advice. It comforts, and reassures and uplifts the soul, and contributes to the overall wellbeing. It helps strengthen our relationship with Allah and teaches complete reliance upon Allah no matter how huge our worries are. This book is all about about Allah’s Love and Power, positivity and gratitude.  

I loved the whole appearance of the book, the color scheme and the stick figure illustrations.


  • Very minute editorial glitches in the book.
  • Font size keeps changing.
  • Other character styles are placed in the book, other than the stick figure characters.

         Although the recommended age of this book is 7+, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for everyone irrespective of their age and gender. It is that beneficial!

The book can be purchased from:

Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/Young-Muslims-Mindful-Book-Wellbeing

or from

International Stockists: www.muslimchildrensbooks.co.uk/international-stockists

Author’s/Publisher’s Contact details:

Website: www.muslimchildrensbooks.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Muslimchildrensbooks/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Muslimchildrensbooks/


Have you read this book before? Do let me know when you buy and read it. Would love to know your views.

*The book I reviewed is a personal purchase.

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