Title: My Little Legacy: Ramadan Kids Journal & Activity Book

Publisher: Ramadan Legacy Ltd.

Written By: Naheedah Ahmed

Designed By: Fadilah Arief

Published: 2021

Category: Children’s Islamic Journal. 

Age: 6-10 (I would recommend it for older kids & Adults as well!)

Pages: 102 (+ 6 sticker pages + Bookmark + Adventure Map)

Format: Hardcover (Wire binding spine)

This book review consists of:

  • Description of the Journal’s Content 
  • Description of the Journal as a Physical Product 
  • Feedback & Suggestions 
  • My Final Verdict 


Description of the Journal’s Content 

‘My Little Legacy’, Ramadan Legacy’s Kids Journal is an educational journal where Qamar, the moon mascot, will take children on an adventure over the span of 30 days during Ramadan. 

The journal consists of 4 parts: 

  • Learning About Ramadan
  • Preparing for Your Ramadan Adventure
  • Your Ramadan Adventure Activities & Journal (where it gets even more educative and fun)
  • Ramadan Achievements & Celebrating Eid

The journal starts with a welcome note for parents & kids, and includes instructions on how to use the journal. 

Children can personalize the journal by writing their names, and other information about themselves like their age, favorite food, book, etc. 

As we proceed through the journal, it gives us information about important facts of Ramadan, and important duas. 

During Ramadan, children will learn about important events, and facts from the 30 juz (parts) of the Quran; one juz each day.

This is followed by an activity based on the lesson taught from that particular juz, where children are required to find information and answer questions, match the correct answers, fill in the blanks, solve riddles, draw, etc. These activities will help children reflect on their feelings and emotions, and have empathy for Allah’s creation around them. 

After each activity is completed, children have to stick the sticker coins on the Adventure Map from 1 to 30 days, so that Qamar can travel back to the sky to announce Eid 🙂 

The activities in the journal would require involvement of adults which I feel will be great for increasing one’s knowledge, as well as foster family bonding.

The journal also consists of a planner page to keep a track of their salah, fasting, Quran, and good deeds. 

A bookmark and beautiful stickers are included which can be used for activities and decorating the journal.

The end of the journal consists of a report card, reflection page, certificate of achievement, and brief information about Eid.  

Description of the Journal as a Physical Product 

The journal is aesthetically pleasing and a visual delight. 

The branding and attention to detail is superb right from the the quality of the box, the strong wire binding, hardcover of the journal, page quality and thickness, color combinations, font style, artwork and illustrations, typography, personalization on the box panel, and message on the opening flap of the box.

I like the conversational style of the journal due to the way Qamar interacts with children, making humor and learning go together. 

I love the important message on page 102.

I love the whole friendly vibe the journal gives, making both tarbiyah & gaining knowledge, fun and enjoyable. 

Feedback & Suggestions

As with all reviews, after rightfully describing the best parts of the journal, discussing the concerns is beneficial in creating awareness and increasing our knowledge. This also creates opportunity for further research , and amendments in future editions insha Allah. 

1) The first alphabet of the words used for Allah should be capital, for eg. You, Him, He. Very occasionally in the journal, small letters have been used. Similarly, writing ‘Peace be upon him’ and ‘AS’ after mentioning Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Prophet Yusuf (AS), respectively. I see this as something innocently overlooked in the proofreading stage. 

2) Inclusion of authentic duas, ahadith, facts, etc along with references to confirm their authenticity. 

-For eg, the journal mentions the dua for breaking fast as Allahumma inni laka sumtu…., which is commonly known by most of us, but it is actually a daif hadith: 


-Another commonly known fact mentioned in the journal, that Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran, is again a daif hadith. 


Allah Knows Best. To increase my knowledge, I would love to learn the authenticity of the above mentioned information.   

-The journal also mentions that the reward for reciting Surah Yaseen is the same as reciting the whole Quran, and to recite Ayat al Kursi during Fajr and Asr (during? at what point exactly?). Would’ve been nice if the references were mentioned.  

3) The meaning of Taqwa is mentioned as Remembering Allah, whereas it means: to be conscious, mindful of Allah, fearing Allah.

4) I did not understand the activity on page 90 where children are asked to draw a picture of the word, where the words are thousand, angel, Qadr, etc.

My Verdict:

Definitely a must-buy. Highly Recommended. The journal is packed with information which is beneficial for children and adults alike.

To purchase your copy, kindly contact, Ramadan Legacy:

Website: www.ramadanlegacy.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ramadanlegacy

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ramadan_legacy

*A copy of the journal was provided gratis by Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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