What do we do when going through tough times in life or when things are simply not going right? When things are not going OUR way? We talk to trusted friends who listen and advice us. We know they can’t help us always, but still we divulge our problems and secrets to them. Although there is a risk of our personal information being leaked out but still we share with them on the pretext of releasing the burden in our heart, to feel lighter and relieved and to think afresh with a clear mind. Little do we realise that not all friends might be really true or sincere with us. Chances are some people upon hearing our problems are actually happy inside to see that our life is not so perfect after all, and might even slip it out when among other mutual friends.

Yes we do need the company of righteous people who guide and advice us but sometimes we can’t tell even them the problems we are going through; not because we don’t trust them but because not everybody can understand our situation or change it even if they want to. Sometimes what might be our biggest concern might be something very petty for them.  So why don’t we sit and talk and discuss with Allah and share with Him? We know that Allah is the All-Hearing and All-Seeing, the Owner and Controller of everything. We know that even if He Grants and Showers on us all that we desire even then there is no decrease in His Treasures. Then why don’t we talk to Him?

Cleanse yourself with Ghusl/Wudhu, sit in a clean and quite place preferably alone and pour out all your heart without the fear of your secrets being leaked out or the thought that what will He think of you or how silly and small your problem is? He knows you inside out, He already knows what you are going through and what you are going to ask Him but still you have to make that effort. You have to show him that you direly need and trust only Him, His Power and His Capabilities.

After this session you will really feel the difference, the relaxed feeling. The source of your heart ache might still be there but it won’t bother or hurt you as much. The peace you will get is something only attained by sharing with Allah. In sha Allah. Do try this and make it a normal daily habit.


Have you ever spoken to Allah before? Have you tried it after reading the post above. Would love to hear your experience in the comments section so that we all can benefit.

2 Replies to “True Friend”

  1. Wa’alaikum Asalam Sister Nadia. Jazak Allahoo Khayr for the huge compliments and your encouraging words. May Allah accept all our deeds, big and small.

    Your are right.. nothing makes us feel lighter than pouring it all out to Allah. Alhamdolillah for His Mercy on us.

  2. Assalamu alaikum sis Naila! What a beautiful blog you have, masha’Allah. Love the clean design and pretty fonts!

    Most importantly, you write so beautifully, masha’Allah.

    I do try to speak with Allah in seclusion every now and then. I prefer it after Isha salah, with the lights dimmed and when the worldly sounds of daily activities have diminished. After pouring my heart out, I do feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, alhumdulillah.

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