Greetings and text messages are exchanged. Statuses are updated, dressing up in colors of the national flag and hanging flag buntings in homes, offices, cars, streets, buildings is the norm, and a big flag has to go up the top most part of the exterior of the house for everyone to see. Emotions run high watching all this pomp of parades and march pasts, flag hoisting ceremonies, hollow speeches, cake cuttings, cultural dances, singing national songs, cultural dress shows, art & craft exhibitions, food stalls and poetry sessions. This is the story every year. Countdown begins a month before, and the planning and rehearsals even before that. Special programs are planned and held, commemorating the Independence Day. But what exactly are we celebrating?

We are celebrating being shackled in freedom.

Freedom of following unislamic teachings in the name of culture, custom and tradition,

Freedom of not observing the Hijab,

Freedom of mixing freely with namahram,

Freedom of using foul language,

Freedom of abuse in homes and relationships,

Freedom of torture and killing,

Freedom of injustice and corruption, lie and deception,

Freedom of gnawing on the property, honor and life of anyone,

Freedom of unleashed and untamed celebrations, dance, music, drugs, shisha, clubs and cafes,

Freedom of looking down upon someone just because you are higher in status due to money and resources,

Freedom of spending excessively,

Freedom of mocking the beard or niqab, so on and so forth.

One of the motto of these celebrations is to remember those who sacrificed their lives and honor for their independence and of the generations to come. People were cut and chopped ruthlessly, women were robbed of their honors. Those who escaped lived to tell how people left everything behind and took part in one of the largest migration in history. The last of the trains carrying these lucky ones were followed by trains carrying only dead bodies.

Where are we heading to?

Dance, music and songs are the norm and we are proud of outdoing even the kuffaar in styles, dresses and choreography, and celebrations of all types of days, showers, rains and floods!!  The more someone dresses down the higher they are in status in the so called modern society. There is no concept of male and female segregation. You are seen lowly if you observe Hijab. On the other hand you are a progressive member of the society if your dupatta is dangling on your shoulder, hanging around your neck, or even absent; and I’m talking about Muslims. There are instances where females are discouraged from wearing niqab on the pretext that certain type of ladies also wear niqab so better not to be mistaken for them.

The nation is obsessed with clothes, food, marriages, theme parties, to name a few, and any mention of cutting back on such stuff gives you those stern degrading looks implying you are a backward. People switch to a highly offensive mode arguing that why is Islam against being happy and celebrating. Wish they do some research same way as they do for planning their next event!!

There is no concept of mahram and namahram, males or females; every elder male and female is a maamoon and khaala, cousins and people around the same age group are brothers and sisters, and the fiancé is almost a spouse.

What are we celebrating in this one day of the year? The excuse given is Solidarity and Unity, and to teach the youth about our history and heritage. Is this all needed to instill in us the flame of Eeman and Taqwa and unite us as a strong Muslim Ummah?

Feeling love and emotion for our country is not wrong but it shouldn’t lead to something useless and unproductive. Your love for your country should lead to its progress and development. It shouldn’t make us look down upon the people based on color, caste, language, province, sect, or even religion.

“How can I alone improve the situation of my country”, you ask yourself. Its not your fault after all for the turmoil its going through, you say. It’s so easy to blame the politicians, and other institutions which are actually the back bone of a country. Yes you can improve the situation of your country by first focusing on yourself, then your family, community and society.  Let the ripple effect first start from you.

So this day, just like any other day, thank Allah for His Blessings which He has bestowed on us you in the form of this beautiful country with all its natural resources and all the wonderful opportunities we can make use of. Best of all, we are free to practice and propagate our religion. Reflect, ponder and learn lessons from history, pray for those who struggled and fought with all they had and even laid their lives during the process. Repent for your sins and make a sincere intention to improve yourself in every aspect. Seek Allah’s Mercy and Guidance and He will make ways for you to be successful and play an integral role in the development of your country and the Ummah as a whole.

Its time you wake up and look at yourself, look around you, question yourself and all that is happening around you. Question what we have been following blindly in the name of culture, custom, tradition, civilized, modern and liberal. Stop being ignorant and basking in the glory of fake and false pride.

Yes we should be hopeful and optimistic but not without making an effort, not without holding tight to the Rope of Allah and following the Holy Quran we have been Blessed with. Join the people who are making an effort at grass root levels through their Dawah, inspirational and beneficial talks and writings. Only then will the Solidarity and Unity come. And only then will we have the right to celebrate true Freedom, In sha Allah.

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  1. MashAllah a good post.

    I started wearing hijaab 6 months ago, and some people do think I have gone backwards and not ‘modern’ now…it is a sad state of things.

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