Something very sweet happened while I was offering my Juma’a Salah today. As I was praying, suddenly I heard a bird chirping at the window with its very sharp  loud voice. Now, I am in the middle of my Salah and want to see the lovely bird who is continuously making this noise non stop. I had never heard this bird at my window before and am eager to see what type it is. But I don’t want to break my Salah as nothing should be more important than it and it would mean that I am giving importance to something other than this conversation with Allah. Also if I break the Salah it means getting distracted and losing concentration so I want to exercise by building concentration and focus in my Prayer. So I silently THINK to Allah to help me continue with the prayer and it would ALSO be nice if I can see the bird after it, but my intention is only to offer my Salah with full concentration and not to rush with it just to see the bird before it flies away. By this time the bird has flown away!!!! ITS GONE ….The atmosphere is calm and quite again and I complete the whole Salah peacefully.

As soon as I fold my Prayer mat and place it away, the bird comes back!!!! Sitting on the plants in the balcony, chirping very loudly in its sharp voice. It was a very small bird, smaller than a sparrow, black with a long curved beak. Looking at its little size I was amazed at its strength with which it was making this ear-piercing noise. Subhan Allah… I was so happy and thanked Allah for this lovely moment. Alhamdolillah……….

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