Title: Rediscover: The Roadmap to Inner Peace, Balance and Fulfilment in Your Relationship with Life.

Author: Humaira Nasim

Publisher: Passionpreneur Publishing

Published: 2020

Genre: Self-development, Well-Being, Relationships.

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 170


‘Rediscover: The Roadmap to Inner Peace, Balance and Fulfilment in Your Relationship with Life’ is the debut book of Humaira Nasim, a certified life coach.

The book starts with a prologue by the author where she mentions her Hajj journey, & the soul searching reflections & memorable moments she had there. 

The book mentions how different norms & pressures in our society force people to lose their own identity while trying to fit in those norms. The author helps the reader build healthy relationships without compromising on their own identity, and to fulfill different roles without succumbing to unfair expectations. 

She reminds the reader not to look for self-perfection but to accept themselves with all their strengths and limitations, and to use their talents to help others but without compromising on their sanity, values and priorities. 

She emphasizes the fact that having faith in Allah, seeking help from Him and pleasing Him are ways to finding peace in life. 

She discusses important practices and concepts like unfair expectations, people-pleasing, setting healthy boundaries, self-limiting beliefs, time-management, procrastination, mastering emotions, delayed gratification, gratitude, self care, etc.

The author mentions different Quranic verses to get her point across from an Islamic perspective. She also discusses concepts like neeya (intention), barakah (blessings), salah (prayer), dhikr (remembrance of Allah), sabr (patience), tahammul (forbearance), iyadah (visiting the sick), doing things for the sake of Allah and not for earning praise from people, etc.

The book is divided into 13 chapters offering insights, experiences and observations of the author, as well as tools & techniques required in life’s journey of mindfulness and inner peace. Each chapter has a summary of the key concepts at the end. 

With an interesting writing style and simple language used throughout, this book is a must read. 

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*The book was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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