Title: Ramadan Has Arrived
Author: Shaykh Abd al-Razzaq Ibn Abd al-Muhsin al-Abbad
Translator: Hassan Somali
Publisher: Hikmah Publications
Published: 2014
Category: Islam, Ramadan
Age: 12 +
Pages: 42
Format: Paperback

The Book ‘Ramadan Has Arrived’ is written by Shaykh Abd al-Razzaq Ibn Abd al-Muhsin al-Abbad, & translated into English by Hassan Somali.

This short book, of 42 pages only, is full of beneficial content about Ramadan, supported by Quranic verses, authentic ahadith, & sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).The book is divided into 11 chapters as follows:

  1. The Month of Ramadan Is Upon Us
  2. A Blessed Month
  3. The First Group of People
  4. The Second Group of People
  5. Those Whom Allah Has Blessed To Fast Correctly
  6. Allah Liberates A People From The Hellfire
  7. Rejoicing At The Arrival Of The Month
  8. An Opportunity To Repent 
  9. Fasting The Month With True Faith
  10. The Attainment Of Piety
  11. The Month Of The Qur’an

This is a book you would love to read more than once to be able to prepare yourself for the Blessed month of Ramadan.   

It is a great book to get us started on knowing:

  • Importance of this month
  • Its purpose
  • How to welcome it
  • Opportunities to avail in Ramadan
  • The changes we need to achieve within ourselves
  • Characteristics of people who prepare for it &
  • Characteristics of those who waste their time in distractions (which unfortunately we see creeping in our practices each year during this month.)

With Ramadan just a month away, I highly recommend this book to be read by everyone in the house. 

This book can be purchased from:


Or, contact your local or online Islamic bookshops to inquire/stock this book.

*The book I reviewed is from my personal library.

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