Asalamoalaikum Dear Author/Publisher.

Jazak Allah khayr for considering me to review your book. Following is my book review policy which I encourage you to go through please.

1) I would prefer to receive a hard cover instead of a pdf unless your book is only an ebook.

2) I retain the book I receive, in exchange for an honest review & promoting it across social media, & is non-returnable.

3) I only share honest reviews. If there is anything I don’t like or agree with in the book, I will state it kindly. This is to ensure good books from authors and better books for the readers, & all those who will purchase your book after reading my review.

4) All reviews get published on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, & Goodreads.

5) Accepting a book doesn’t guarantee a review on my blog. I only review books that interest me.

6) Minimum review time is 2-4 weeks, or even more, depending on the content & volume of the book as well as my schedule.

Looking forward to reviewing your book.

Jazak Allah Khayr.