Title: Pink Shoes & Jilbaab- Not Your Average Hijab Guide

Author: Kiran Shah

Illustrator: Tashna Salim

Publisher: Passionpreneur Publishing

Published: 2021

Genre: Non-fiction

Category: Motivational, Inspirational, Hijab

Age: 12 +

Pages: 159

Format: Paperback

          In her book ‘Pink Shoes & Jilbaab’, debut author Kiran Shah, narrates her hijab journey, right from growing up in Pakistan where hijab belonged to a particular section of the society, and then moving to the modern city Dubai where hijab is an everyday sight. Her journey consists of her struggles, success and challenges amid misconceptions about hijab and the stereotypes laid down by our society.

          Inspiring and motivating, this book is for everyone; be it someone who has in some part of her life thought about wearing the hijab and got scary about it, or someone already at some stage of wearing it.  

          This book is the answer to your ‘why & how’ of choosing the hijab, and making it your fulfilling and empowered lifestyle, instead of living an ‘invisible’ life without goals and aspirations, or benefit to others.

          Instead of being judgmental or a haram-police, Kiran’s writing is very light and refreshing.

          Gripping and witty from start to end, the book unveils (pun intended) all hijab related myths, fears and apprehensions women generally have, and replaces them with logic, reason and wisdom. 

          Kiran very beautifully answers the frequently asked questions, majority of the people have about hijab, based on facts instead of personal opinion, like:

  • How to get started
  • How to keep moving forward with perseverance and grit
  • Etiquettes of wearing hijab
  • Confidence building
  • Body hygiene & personality development
  • How to deal and navigate criticism of people judging your hijab struggles 
  • Dealing with non-mehrams 
  • How to react when a hijabi (including hijabi influencers) decides to stop using hijab, possible reasons for not doing hijab, & how to help them? 

The author also enumerates in detail lot of beneficial practical knowledge we all need in our daily lives like: 

  • How to build our relationship with Allah
  • How to lead a meaningful life that is pleasing to Allah
  • How to get our duas answered 
  • How to make our dreams a reality and build our own legacy

With sprinkles of humor & wit, this book is definitely going to keep everyone engaged.

The book also includes a glossary at the end consisting of Arabic words & their translation/description in English. 

Full of motivation, insights, reflections, and wisdom this book is all about progress instead of perfection.

A good read for yourself and the perfect gift for the girls and women in your life. 

To buy your own copy kindly get in touch with the lovely author here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pink-Shoes-and-Jilbaab

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Pink-Shoes-and-Jilbaab

Website: www.kiranshahofficial.com

*A physical copy of the book was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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