Title: More Than 100 Things Prohibited by the Prophet (peace be upon him)

Author: Khateeb Abu Onais

Publisher: Deen Square

Category: Children’s Islamic Book

Recommended age: 6-12 years

Pages: 72

Binding: Paper Back

“… And whatever the Messenger has given you – take; and what he has forbidden you – refrain from…” (Surah Hashr; 59:7)

“…So when I command you to do anything, do it as much as it lies in your power and when I forbid you to do anything, then abandon it.” (Sahih Muslim 1337)

          The book ‘More Than 100 Things Prohibited by the Prophet (peace be upon him)’ by Khateeb Abu Onais is the debut publication of Deen Square. It consists of 130 teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that mention acts to refrain from in our daily lives. They are categorized under 26 titles, and each prohibition mentions the concerning hadith reference which can be verified easily from sources like Sunnah.com. The titles are:

  1. Allah
  2. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  3. The Qur’an
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Wudu (Ablution)
  6. Masjid
  7. Salah
  8. Fasting
  9. Charity
  10. Dua
  11. Jumu’ah (Friday)
  12. Sleep
  13. Eating & Drinking
  14. Dressing
  15. Health
  16. Parents
  17. Children
  18. Home
  19. Emotional Harm
  20. Verbal Harm
  21. Physical Harm
  22. Shaytaan
  23. Environment
  24. Animals
  25. Birds
  26. Sports & Activity

         Teaching children from a young age makes it easy to inculcate good habits early-on in them which is beneficial all through life. Like me, other adults reading this book too will find prohibitions they never knew about! Hence, this is a very beneficial book for everyone.

          Each prohibition is also illustrated. The illustrations of people and animals depicted in the book are without facial features, and the female characters are shown in hijab. The language employed is very simple and easy to understand. The book contains teaching tips and instructions for the parents as well to utilize the book the best way. The end of the book has interesting activities like quiz, memory test, word search, maze, etc. This book will make a nice gift for children; something that will benefit them throughout their life, in sha Allah. 

 One thing I would like to get replaced in the next edition of book is the word ‘hadiths’ with the correct word plural word  ‘Ahadith’.

Purchase Link: https://deensquare.com/more-than-100-things-prohibited-by-the-prophet.html

Deen Square can be contacted on:

Website: deensquare.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedeensquare/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedeensquare/

The book is approved by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department (Dubai) & National Media Council (UAE).

*The book was provided gratis by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

2 Replies to “Book Review: More Than 100 Things Prohibited by the Prophet (peace be upon him)”

  1. As salaam walekum

    Hope you all are doing well

    If I want to order these books, how can I do that? And Also that Pink diary for Ramadan organizing?

    1. Walaikumasalam Sister,


      Your may order this book from Deen Square. I have included the purchase link in the review above.

      The Ramadan Journal can be ordered from Ramadan Legacy. You may contact them on their website as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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