Title: Journal of an Awesome Muslim Kid

Author: Rahmah Salako

Publisher: Finder Publications

Published: 2019

Category: Children’s Islamic Journal. 

Age: 6+

Pages: 80

Format: Paperback 

The ‘Journal of an Awesome Muslim Kid’ consists of verses from the Quran mentioning deeds Allah Loves, or forbids, as well as beneficial reminders. The idea is to help children ponder and reflect on the verses of the Quran, and incorporate the lessons mentioned in them on a daily basis to make it a part of their personality. 

The book is divided into 31 themes. Each theme covers two pages: one page mentions a Quranic verse in Arabic and its translation in English. The other page mentions good deed reminder and prompt, and a writing space to journal good deeds children can do that particular day based on the theme.

Below each page is a weather key where the child can circle a shape depending on the weather, and on the other page the child can circle a shape depending the completion of his good deed task.  

The layout of the book consists of colorful fonts & design elements. 

Completing the journal daily, will help remind children of Allah, and will encourage them to practice good deeds. 

My concerns regarding the journal:

-Different font styles, font sizes, design elements, etc. are used in the journal. It would be nice to use one or maximum two font styles, sizes and design graphics from start to end that complement each other and provide uniformity to the whole look of the journal. 

-In one instance, the English translation of the ayah is not clear. I would suggest to replace it with an easy to understand translation in the next edition. 

-The ‘Things to Do Today’ does not specify exactly what is required of the child in the space provided. 

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*This book was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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