Title: Imagine Me In Jannah

Author: Rabia Bashir

Illustrated by: Upit Dyoni

Publisher: Bismillah Bees

Published: 2020

Category: Children’s Islamic book

Age: 3 +

Pages: 36

Format: Paperback 

          ‘Imagine Me in Jannah’ is a rhyming book by Rabia Bashir, that encourages children to imagine Jannah, where everything would be fun and enjoyable, and they can do everything they love. 

          The book tells children that Jannah is a place where they can ask Allah anything they want, even things they have never seen before like monster trucks, talking pets, giant candies and underwater tea parties!

          With vibrant, colorful illustrations and simple wordings, this book will attract children in exploring their imagination. It is a good starting point for parents, aunts, uncles or teachers to discuss Jannah with them, encouraging them to seek it as our ultimate goal by doing good things and making Allah Happy.

          Jannah is the place where everyone will be happy without any pain or tears, where we will meet our loved ones who have departed this world, and we will live with them in it forever. 

          The book quotes the english translation of verses from the Quran regarding Jannah. 

          There is an activity space at the end of the book that provides blank pages where children (& their family members) can write/draw their own imagination of Jannah and what they would like to have or do there. I find this interesting as it would be a nice way to look back, as the children grow, and see what they drew when they were little.  

          I like the lovely duas on the second page of the book, and the dedications by the author and the illustrator. 

          A personal touch from the life of the author is added in some of the illustrations, showing her sons love for monster trucks and talking animals, her niece’s love for pretend tea-parties, and the author’s own love for the underwater world, diving through it without an oxygen tank!

          It is also nice to see children from different countries/backgrounds represented in the illustrations of the book. 

For further details on how to buy the book, the author can be reached via the following links: 



*The book I reviewed is from my personal library.

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  1. This sounds like a such an interesting book! Reading the review got me excited and tearful at the same time, May Allah swt grant us all Jannatul Ferdous. Ameen

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