Title: Here With You

Author: Umm Afraz Muhammad

Genre: Literature & Fiction

Pages: 287

Publishers: Vilack Publishing

Binding: Paperback


          The novel “Here With You” is the debut fiction of Author Umm Afraz Muhammad, who is also a life coach. The story is based in Kuwait & revolves around three main characters: Salma, the daughter-in-law, Fatima, the mother-in-law, and Faisal, the husband/son.

          Soon after her marriage into a joint family, Salma tries to adjust in her new life in another country, far away from her own family. Fatima wants to be a good mother-in-law to her. Faisal, her son, wants to balance the family relations by bringing out the best of the most important  women of his life.

          The novel beautifully uncovers the emotions, and challenges faced by each character, how they fluctuate between good and the not so good, and how they balance between culture and Islamic teachings by seeking common grounds. The sprinkles of halal romance in the novel by the author especially adds a refreshing angle to the whole story.

          Will Fatima succeed in pushing aside her ego, and accept Salma? Will Salma be able to settle amicably with her mother-in-law? Will Salma & Faisal be able to blossom their married life? These layers can only be uncovered as you progress through the novel. 

The book can be purchased as an e-book on Kindle, & on paperback. 

The author can be contacted on Facebook & Goodreads.





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