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  • Recommendations 

Title: Du’as of the Superstars – The Formulae for Success

Author: Alima Ashfaq

Published: Fourth edition in 2021

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help, Religion, Spirituality

Age: 14+

Pages: 230

Format: Paperback


In the book ‘Du’as of the Superstars’, the author Alima Ashfaq highlights the importance of Dua and Dhikr, to strengthen ourselves and change our lives.

She mentions the difficulties and challenges faced by the Prophets and Messengers (AS) when dealing with tests and trials in their own lives, and the duas they asked Allah to help them out.

The author also provides real life examples and lessons from the difficulties common people, just like us, face.

Through her book she redefines who actually is a superstar. She clarifies that superstars are not the celebrities or influencers people run after. In reality, it is us who have the capability to be superstars, through our good deeds and beneficial influence on the lives of people and the world. 

The Author addresses in detail: 

  • The importance of dua
  • Protocols to observe when making dua
  • Why do people stop making dua
  • Qualities of a Superstar
  • How to live a Purposeful Life
  • Importance of setting goals and achieving them 
  • Conditions and steps of successful goal setting, and much more.

The author supports her beneficial content through references from the Quran and Ahadith.  


As with all reviews, after rightfully describing the best parts of a book, discussing the concerns is beneficial in creating awareness and increasing our knowledge. This also creates opportunity for the author for further research , and make amendments in future editions insha Allah. 

The book has incorrect Islamic facts mentioned in it, and lacks Chapter/Headings organization, formatting, correct spellings, meaning, etc. some of which I have mentioned below.

It needs to be revised by hiring a professional proofreader and editor who has authentic Islamic knowledge. 

– On page 22, the author mentions, “When we make dua, we expect an answer instantly, but we must be patient with our duas, as great things take time. Rome was not built in a day”.

Allah is not in need of time. It is according to His Wisdom that He Answers our duas & Makes things happen. He does miracles and answers our duas in circumstances which are most impossible to us. He may answer our duas instantly leaving us totally surprised OR, He may delay in Responding, for our best interest which we may not understand. 

-On page 48, she mentions, “our future is in our control”.

Actually nothing is in our control. Everything is in Allah’s Control. Our job is to make dua. It is upto Allah when He accepts it. 

-Page 129 mentions, “Prophet (SAW) was wealthy.”

I would like to see a reference for it as according to my knowledge he was not. 

The following points need to considered:

  • How the content is placed in the book and under which chapter, heading and subheading depending on the relevance and purpose. There is a lot of content in the book but it is squeezed under chapters where they don’t seem relevant. Some subheadings and content might need to be allocated a separate chapter.
  • Formatting and realignment of headings, paragraphs and sentences. 
  • Line space and font size. The space between sentences is very less, and font size is very small making it very difficult to read.
  • Consistency should be maintained when addressing the Prophets and Messengers with the phrase Alayhi Salam.
  • The meaning of sentences is not clear due to grammatical and spelling errors, punctuations, wrong tenses, capital letters in the middle of a sentence, etc. 

My Recommendation:

Keeping in mind the effort a reader takes to buy a book including the money paid to purchase it, ‘I would highly recommend that the current copies of the book are withheld from selling’, get it proofread and edited professionally, and then provide fresh edited copies for sale. 

If you know of a bookshop that is selling this book, kindly make them aware of the serious concerns in it. Feel free to forward them the link of this review.

I’m sure no Islamic Bookshop would want to have earnings through a book that has issues in it especially when they are made aware of it.

Barakah comes before profit!

It’s only fair for the reader who is paying for the book to learn from its beneficial content, to get a copy that is free of errors, provides authentic Islamic knowledge, and a seamless flow for a beautiful reading experience. 

Important Note:

Alhamdulillah Sister Alima Ashfaq, the author, has read this review of her book. She has been very accepting of the review & gracious in her words & demeanor. Hope to see an updated edition soon insha Allah. May Allah Reward her Immensely with the best. Aameen.

*A physical copy of the book was provided gratis by The Islamic Kids Store in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

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