Title: Children Around the Prophet: How Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Raised the Young Companions 

Author: Hesham Al-Awadi

Publisher: Create Space (Amazon)

Published: 2018

Category: Parenting

Pages: 177

Format: Paperback

          ‘Children Around The Prophet’ by Hesham Al-Awadi is a book which narrates how Prophet Muhammad interacted with the young companions growing around him in Makkah & Madinah.

          We have read a lot about the exemplary behavior of Prophet (Peace be upon him) with adults but how much do we know about how he treated the children around him? In this book we learn, through his examples, how to build trustworthy relationships with children, strengthen them emotionally, morally, spiritually, & connect them to Allah and Islam.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

  • Muhammad and the Children
  • Developing Emotions 
  • Building Faith
  • Worship
  • Developing Morals 
  • Disciplining Sexual Desires
  • Developing a Social Character


          The book quotes real life incidents and events that occurred during the Prophets’s time to discuss how he (peace be upon him) addressed children, understood their minds and psychology, approached them when they were going through tough times, nurtured them with his mercy and compassion, held space and allowed them to express themselves emotionally. 

          The book also contains tips on how to make children worship Allah, love the Quran, build their Islamic faith, & develop good manners and behavior.  

          This book is an absolute delightful read and I highly recommend it, not only for parents but anyone who would love to learn about the seerah and Islamic history.   

*The book I reviewed is from my personal library.

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