Title: Between Fear & Hope – A Young Muslim’s Journey
Author: Zenubia Arsalan
Illustrator: Nardin Hany
Publisher: Feel Publishing
Published: 2020
Category: Children’s Islamic Book, Motivation, Inspiration.
Age: 4+
Pages: 30
Format: Paperback

‘Between Fear and Hope’, a children’s rhyming book written by Zenubia Arsalan, is about unconditional love, guidance, and support of a father for his son.

The father speaks to his son about his love for him right from the day he was born, the dreams and aspirations he has for him, and that no matter what path the son chooses, the father will always be with him.

The title of the book is inspired by the saying of Ibn ul Qayyim, “The heart in its journey towards Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, is like a bird whose head is love, and hope and fear are its two wings.”

The book consists of words of advice and encouragement:

-To be a good human being no matter what career path one chooses in life.
-To remember Allah in moments of hope and fear, success as well as challenges.
-Allah will always make a way out for us, no matter how huge the challenges in life are.
-To remember Allah even in busy times, by pausing the task in the moment, and pray.
-To grow up into an individual who fears Allah,  & is hopeful of His Mercy.
-To be humble in successful times & strong in tests and trials of life.

The illustration in the book is comic style, which children will be able to relate to it either depicts their day to day activities or things they love. The son is portrayed as a little superhero with a cape, the idea being that everyone has the potential to be a good human being due to the virtues and good characteristics (super powers) Allah Bestows on everyone. Images of a few landmark buildings of Dubai are also included which people living in UAE might be able to recognize. 

The author uses a simple language to put across her point that is easily understood by children. The book subtly lays emphasis on not pressurizing children to pursue studies, or a profession based on what the society demands. Children should be guided to choose what they are passionate about, and emphasis should be laid on being a good human being who does good deeds that are pleasing to Allah, and are beneficial to people.

The way I see it, the storyline of the book also consists of a message for fathers, to be actively involved in the tarbiyah of their children. Both parents; father AND mother, together need to be available for their children at all times, and to hold space for them, even if they make mistakes in life.
This book will be a great addition to your library, making it a good read for children and parents alike. It can be given as a gift to children, fathers, and even to new parents.

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