Title: Be You: A Journey to Self Transformation

Author: Kulsoom Kazim

Publisher: Iron Heart Publishing House

Published: 2018

Category: Self-Help, Motivation, Inspiration

Pages: 144

Binding: Paper Back

          ‘Be You: A Journey to Self Transformation’ is the debut book of Kulsoom Kazim, a certified high performance coach & motivational speaker. It is a personal development book that helps women realize their true potential so that they can face and deal with life’s challenges with strength and confidence.

          Life is full of tests and trials, and no matter how perfect others lives appear to be, everyone has their own set of challenges. The author motivates the reader to get rid of their self-limiting beliefs, and to realize their true potential to deal with life’s ups and downs. Using examples from her own life’s challenges and of other inspirational people she has come across, she provides comfort to the reader that even though everyone has their own unique challenges in life, no one has to suffer alone. Having herself gone through difficult times and overcoming them with success, she is passionate about helping women achieve their goals and have a strong connection with Allah, even when they are busy fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.  

          The book is divided into five themes: Allah, Vision, Relationships, Self-care, & Confidence. The author feels that these are the main aspects that everyone should work on to be their best version. What I liked about the book is that it highlights the importance of always having a strong connection with Allah and that without Him we are nothing. 


          The author explains the importance of having a vision in this world as Muslims. She stresses to ponder upon the purpose of being sent into this world, to work towards making this world a safe place and leaving behind a legacy. She discusses in detail the importance of making dua, trusting Allah and not losing hope, learning lessons through our own trials and experiences, having a vision and goals in life, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, self-care and putting oneself first, etc. With the influence that social media has on our lives, it also aptly includes a sub-chapter on ‘The Detriments of Social Media’ which is a must read.

         Reading the book makes one feel like the author is having a one to one conversation like a friend. There are reflective questions and action-based exercises at the end of each chapter which are very helpful in finding our true self. The author uses verses from the Quran and authentic Ahadith to explain her point which makes different concepts easier to understand. The book also contains testimonials from her clients who have immensely benefited from her coaching. I would highly recommend buying this book.

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18547825.Kulsoom_Kazim

*An e-book version was provided gratis by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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