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Welcome to my blog Naila’s Diary. 

My aim is to help build positive & productive individuals, families and communities to make the world a beautiful place for everyone, & to strive for the best in Deen, Dunya (world) & Akhirah (the hereafter). 

My areas of interest include:

-Purification of the Soul

-Personality & Spiritual Development 

-Relationships, Singlehood, Muslim Marriages, Islamic Parenting, etc 

Alhamdulillah. I started blogging in 2014. My initial posts were about happenings & reflections from my life. 

I then wrote articles on personality development from an Islamic perspective.

Soon after I ventured into reviewing Islamic Books for Adults & children. You may view them here:

My book review policy can be viewed here:

More recently I have started an Interview Series on Muslim Professionals, Creatives & Entrepreneurs, on my blog:

You can know more about me via the link below.

Do give it a read as I have shared my views on some very important topics. 


I have also written for:

Muslimah Bloggers 

ArRajaa The Hope Counseling Service.


I believe in Collaboration over Competition.

I am not perfect, but I try my best to follow the Quran & Sunnah. Hence I am quite particular about collaborating only with Individuals & Brands whose values align with authentic Islamic knowledge. 

With the Muslim Market expanding, a lot of informative and beneficial diverse products have emerged in the Global Market. I am always very excited to see the unique and innovative products. But due to the lack of authentic knowledge, I also see products being sold and bought whose content (fully or partially) are not in accordance with our faith and belief, which we need to be very careful about. 

I believe that we as Muslims should have a strong foundation of atleast the basic teachings of Islam to be able navigate life. And for this we just need to be open to learning at any stage in life.  




Outside the social media, in the real world, I am a Healthcare Professional. 

I am also a graduate of Islamic Psychology.

I love connecting with people who bring me closer to Allah and Islam.

I love baking and am a moderate chocoholic.

Would love to know about you. What are you passionate about? 

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